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This is the Skibörse

Skibörse helmets


The Skibörse was founded almost 10 years ago by (now former) students of the ETH Zurich to make winter sports affordable for everyone. Today, the focus is not only on affordability, but also on sustainability. It does not always have to be new to be good! That's why we sell second-hand equipment - serviced and quality-checked. The range of products is completed by new goods from selected brands, mostly remaining stock and samples.

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For casual sports fans

Imagine you are an exchange student who spends one semester in the Alps. Of course you would like to go skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or maybe even on a ski tour. But engaging in winter sports is expensive - especially the equipment. That's where the Skibörse comes in handy: even on a small budget you can get second-hand winter sports equipment that is ready to use and quality-tested - including a 1-year warranty.

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For winter sports freaks

Maybe you are a real ski or snowboard freak who loves to hit the slopes or enjoy off-piste powder every day. You own 5 pairs of skis, plus 3 boards, but would like to test another model? Then why don't you get yourself some second-hand equipment at the Skibörse? You will find top brands and great products - many of them have been used a few times only.

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For the entire family

Our mission is to make winter sports accessible to everyone. This includes especially the young generation! Every child should have the opportunity to experience the wonderful magic of the first turns in snow. That's why the Skibörse sells second-hand ski and snowboard equipment for children and teenagers at especially low prices - get ready for winter and off you go!

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For the environment

By upgrading used winter sports equipment we aim at counteracting our use-and-throw society. It does not always have to be new to be good! Rental skis are often used only a few times, before they are pulled from the store at the end of the season - what a waste and pity! Also our equipment and clothes are mainly remaining stock, which we bring from the manufacturer to the customer and sell at strongly reduced prices.

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For you

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